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Web Renovations – IN PROGRESS – as of 9/01/2017

We are renovating our web presence!!! As of Sept 1 2017, we have started “renovating” our website and product presence online… What to expect when we are done~ We fully expect, when complete, to completely integrate our presence with social media, online shopping and product review, selection and consumption.. We are excited to embark on this monumental re-write.   If… Read more →

Strategic Network Consultants Inc.

Strategic Network Consultants Inc is a regional VAR We specialize in the SMB community with employers that have 15 or less employees, with no full time IT person. With partnerships with companies, like Microsoft, Lenovo, Cisco and Webroot; we can bring FORTUNE 500 IT Business Practices, Best of Breed, to the local IT shop, without spending the huge amountS of… Read more →