Strategic Network Consultants Inc.

Strategic Network Consultants Inc is a regional VAR

We specialize in the SMB community with employers that have 15 or less employees, with no full time IT person.

With partnerships with companies, like Microsoft, Lenovo, Cisco and Webroot; we can bring FORTUNE 500 IT Business Practices, Best of Breed, to the local IT shop, without spending the huge amountS of financial resource commitments born out from “Big Business”


We are LOCAL

Strategic Network Consultants is locally owned and operated; and we do a large amount of work for clients that which to be unseen, from a govt secrecy and privacy point of view… We have a healthy client list and will be glad to provide any new client a list of potential clients that may or may not even acknowledge there is a relationship.


The point behind the previous statement is we care about how we position our company to others… We are paid sometimes to be the bad guy, when it comes to making IT calls for a companies best interest…


We will act on your behalf; and you will never again have to field multiple calls from overseas IT Companies or wade through pages of endless resumes.



Started in 1992; we have seen the IT world grow to what it is today; from the LARGE FORMAT; IBM-XT-PC, running at 2 mHz w/ 256 Mb RAM and a green screen; and using an acoustic coupler modem; to having  a 24″ 16 billion OLED Color, touch sensitive, Display; backended with a 4.0 gHz, AMD 1950x Threadripper, 64Bit CPU with 32Gb RAM.

Oh.. don’t forget about the storage devices; that were literally large as 33 Records; with multiple platters storing 20 Mb; to now having 1 TB; in the size of a credit card…. in 30 years we have come ages from where it started…  and we are here to help!

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